Upcoming Articles and Presentations

There are quite a few upcoming things on the agenda. My article”Implementation to Instruction – Is teaching next in your career” will be published in the June 2007 issue of Certification Magazine. This article is on how IT professionals can move into a teaching career. I am currently working on the next publication titled “Up to Date –
Earning the Certs the Market Demands” for the September issue. I will be interviewing Lisa Spieth, president of LSRCS, on the certifications that are most valuable in the market today.

Shinbokucon will be held on April 29. I will be presenting on “The Culture and Impact of Groups in Japanese Society”. The discussion will center around how groups are such an essential and often misinterpreted part of Japanese culture. I will also talk about how groups have shaped the culture I see today and give some insight on
how to understand the Japanese group perspective.

I appreciate any feedback you may have on my articles once they are published. Also, if you are able to make it to Shinbokucon, please look up my presentation. I am available to chat in person afterwards and the event should be fun.


Today is my last day teaching at Remington College.  I was asked not to tell the students until today.  It is sad leaving because I really enjoy what I do but I need to work in a place where I can grow more.  Starting Monday, I will be working for Jurinnov to manage information technology, software development, and information security.  This job involves more responsibility and I perceive it to be quite a challenge.  Jurinnov does computer forensics and data discovery for litigation.  I am quite excited about the opportunity.  I am also excited about the possibility to travel since the company is global.  I will also be working downtown.  I have never worked in the city before.  All my previous jobs have been in the burbs or in small towns like Kent.  This will be another new experience for me.  I have to admit that I am a little nervous as well.I will not be leaving teaching completely.  I am an Adjunct Professor at LCCC (Lorain County Community College).  I went to the orientation last night where I met a few of my new co-workers.  I will be teaching a Saturday class this semester.  My schedule will be a little busier but I believe it is worth it.  With both jobs, I will be able to still teach but also grow as a technologist and leader.

Teaching 2 classes at the same time

Professor Hale was out last week so I was teaching his class in addition to my own.  I actually enjoy teaching programming but teaching two classes at the same time can be stressful.  I had an odd experience on Monday.  Three of the students said that they were going to leave early and I thought they were joking.  I was about to cover some new material that day so it was certainly not a day anyone would want to miss.  They did leave 30 minutes after class began.  I thought it was extremely rude.  The next day they said they did not understand and expected me to go over the material again for them.  I told them they needed to schedule tutoring time because I was not about to penalize everyone else for their laziness. 

New Quarter Starting

A new quarter is starting on Monday.  I will be teaching Programming 1, Career Development and Packaged Applications.  I was going to get some things from a coworker that have to deal with my Packaged Applications class but I have not went into work in the last few days.  I guess I will have to structure my syllabus without looking at his information first.  My plan is to give them a syllabus but to hand out the assignment list later so that I will have more time to prepare it. 


Teaching Technology 2005

On Friday I went to an event in Columbus called Teaching Technology in 2005.  I learned a few things that might help me in my classes and I met a number of new people.  There were professors from all over at the event and each of them is teaching computers.  I also got to meet my book rep and I will soon be on the list to order books from Thompson publishing.  I can order whatever ones I want and they will be shipped to me free of charge.

The event was good and I am glad I went, but I have to finish my preparation with one less day this week.