Eric Vanderburg

Eric Vanderburg is a Christian cybersecurity and technology author, consultant, thought leader, and expert witness. Eric is a creative thinker with a security mindset and global perspective born out of his international and business experience. He is very passionate about the work he does in cybersecurity and technology.

Eric is the Director of Information Systems and Security at JurInnov, a TCDI company, where he leads a team of cybersecurity professionals who help companies protect against cyber threats, protect sensitive information, implement security governance, prepare for and respond to security incidents, and improve security awareness. Eric is also the Vice Chairman of the board of directors for the Technology Ministry Network, a nonprofit that equips those in ministry with the technology tools and training to accomplish their ministry goals.

Eric is a continual learner who has earned over 40 technology and security certifications. He has a strong desire to share technology insights with the community. Eric is the author of several books and he frequently writes articles for magazines, journals, and other publications. Eric regularly presents at conferences, seminars, and events. His social media channels, Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin, are often cited as must-read channels for those interested in technology and security.

Eric and Aimee Vanderburg riding a camel in Israel