Software Development

Free Space Parser

Free space parser analyzes unallocated space on a hard drive.

Random Review

Random Review uses proven mathematical sampling methods that improve the reliability and validity of the review process. Random Review is a simple and easy to use tool that helps take the guess work out of the eDiscovery review process. The software application aids legal professionals to determine whether or not a set of files may contain relevant case data and deserves further review. By using statistical sampling and forensic techniques, a random set of files are retrieved by Random Review and analyzed by a human reviewer for relevance. Based on these results, it quickly becomes clear whether or not the remaining documents warrant further review and analysis. I served as the project manager.

Elven Quest

Elven Quest is a Facebook game and sequel to Elven Heroes. It has updated graphics and a deeper storyline than Elven Heroes. It includes a beautiful 3D world to explore, a new and inviting story line, thousands of pieces of equipment, fully customizable characters, parties, quests, alliances for team play, and live chat. I served as the writer/producer.

Elven Heroes

Elven Heroes is a multiplayer Facebook game where you and your friends can complete quests, find magical items and explore an interesting fantasy world filled with elves, dwarves, ogres and dragons. I served as the writer/producer.

Plain Text Parse

Plain text parse retrieves plain text data from a flat file database and parses it into fields that can be inserted into a relational database once relationships and field names are defined. I served as the project manager.

ROI Calculator

This utility will allow users to project financial estimates and savings for forensic and electronic discovery harvesting and analysis. Users can accept standard pricing and unit assumptions or provide their own variables. I served as a technical design consultant.

Advanced Backup Reporting

Pulls data from Backup Exec’s database and SQL server agents and displays it in a web form showing each job that ran in the last 24 hours and whether it completed or failed. Items are color coded and output can be filtered by failed or successes or by server. I served as the project manager.

Service Request System

The JurInnov Service Request System is a secure portal for clients to log and track requests for data loads and support. I served as the project manager.

Litigation Batch Review

This program selects files in batches from a review set and assigns them to a reviewer. It tracks which documents have been reviewed and provides metrics to project managers. Written in ASP.NET.

Word Code Enumerator

This program analyzes VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) code embedded in Microsoft Word documents and shows graphically what they are doing. Written in C#.


This program was used by Remington instructors in the CNT program to manage grade sheets. Written in VB.NET.

Mass Service State

Mass Service State enumerates Windows Server 2000 and 2003 servers on the domain and allows the user to check a box next to each or select all and then display a list of services common to all selected servers. These services can then be started or stopped. The logged on user must have permission on each server to start or stop services or the program will fail. Written in C#.


This program collects a variety of network data and writes it out to a file. It can be used for troubleshooting, performance analysis and baselining. Written in C#.


This program obtains disk statistics from servers running Windows NT, Server 2000 or Server 2003 and reports on their available disk space. Written in C#.

Flash Cards

Flash cards reads in a text file with acronyms and displays them randomly to the user who then types in their answer. The program will tell them if they got it right and allow them to review acronyms they answered incorrectly. It provides reporting and metrics as well. This program was used by Remington College students to learn computer acronyms. Acronyms for each chapter were provided to the students to use with this program. Written in VB.NET.


LingoBot is a program that picks out patterns in a conversation and it responds as best it can based on the question or statement given to it. It had a rudimentary lexicon and could only conduct basic conversation. Written in LISP mainly to try out the programming language.


FolderCrypt is a symmetric key encryption program used for encrypting a selected folder on FAT16/32 volumes.


CleanCrypt is a symmetric key encryption program used for encrypting floppy disks.


DialMe is a text-based bulletin board (BBS) program that receives calls over a Hayes AT compatible modem and presents users with a series of menus where they can upload or download files, view messages or edit their profile.


Pro-File is a file manager for DOS. Files can be organized by type, date or name and colors can be turned on or off for identifying file types. Contains many features from DOS Shell. Written in C.


Fate is a “choose your own adventure” style of game where players are presented with a situation and they must select one from several choices for how they will handle the situation. The game has many different endings depending on the choices made. The game was programmed in PASCAL and ran on Mac OS 6 and 7.