Additional Google thoughts

I posted a while back about possible improvements to the gmail system.  Here are some additions to that post. 
1.  It would be nice to nest the contact groups.  I doubt that many people would use this feature but it would be easy to implement for those who would.  I would like to set up a hierarchy of groups so that I could place contacts in granular groups that would reside in more general groups.  This way I could send messages by using any group in the tree. 
2.  For google groups, I would like to be able to receive individual emails from newsgroups that are not registered as a google group.  I currently subscribe to a number of Microsoft, Cisco, and wireless newsgroups such as microsoft.public.cert.mct and I can only receive digest emails or no email at all.  I tend to not read every email that goes through and I filter by scanning the subject lines.  I cannot do that if I cam using digest email so many times I do not even read the digest.  I also like to respond promptly when messages arrive and I know that those who are using a newsreader are receiving each individual message instead of a digest. 
3.  I would like to see some sort of groupware, collaborative work environment product from Google.  I envision an online site where I could share documents and other data for users to edit.  The system could be similar to sharepoint and other groupware software available now. 

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