Adesso Handwriting Tablet

Last week I picked up an Adesso Handwriting. It is a tablet for my Mac.  I did not have the stylus but I was found a forum online where some enthusiasts said the one from my other tablet would work. The tablet was $3.00 at Goodwill.  Not a bad investment.
Mac Handwriting Tablet
Here is some information on it from Adesso:

Enhance Photos

Quickly and easily edit your digital photos using the control of the CyberTablet pen and your free copy of PhotoImpact XL. Take your skills to the next level with this advanced photography software.

Draw and Paint

Create great looking artwork with the natural feel of your CyberTablet pen and the amazing capabilities of the control you need to quickly and easily edit your digital photos. It works great with any software your mouse does and runs on both PCs and Macs.

Mark up, Sign, and More

The included CyberTablet pen makes it easy to sketch and write notes in Microsoft Office XP and Apple word processors. Mark up documents in Microsoft Word, annotate presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint and even jot a note to friends and family.

The Adesso CyberTablet has a transparent photo frame and includes 16 function keys.  The function keys can be programmed to automate common tasks.  The Adesso CyberTablet supports high resolution up to 3048 lines per inch and has 512 levels of pressure-sensitivity for natural brush control.

The Adesso CyberTablet pen is precise, light and fast-moving.  It is also wireless.  It is equipped with dual mouse buttons.  You can also use the scroll wheel for navigation or zooming.
It is very nice and I enjoy doing drawings with it.  I am not that great of an artist but anyone who has ever tried to draw with a mouse knows how difficult that is and this makes it feel much more natural.

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