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As some of you know, I bought an Apple Cinema HD 23" widescreen monitor about 6 months ago.  I still love the beautiful picture and high resolution it offers.  Here is another interesting thing about Apple monitors that I found on Engadget. 
Unknown to many Apple retail store customers, especially those dialing AppleCare for help with the matter, at the managerÔÇÖs discretion any retail store is able to replace displays, laptops, or iMacs with even a single dead pixel, regardless of location. Even displays that exhibit dead pixels within the ÔÇ£normalÔÇØ range can be replaced free of charge if the customer deems the so-called ÔÇ£pixel anomalyÔÇØ unacceptable.
I still highly recommed these displays to anyone.  I would have liked to get the 30" display but both the price and the fact that I would need a new video card with dual-link DVI stopped me from purchasing it.  BTW: I use the display with my PC without problems. 

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  1. Ohh, this is a nice little piece of information for sure. Now that Apple has been releasing even higher quality monitors, it is good to know they will stand behind them even with 1 dead pixel.

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