The Bot stops here: Removing the BotNet threat | Public and Higher Education Sector Security Summit

Academia is a potential breeding ground for botnets but donÔÇÖt despair. Take back your network. This presentation will examine the botnet life cycle and history of botnets leading into techniques for detecting and disrupting botnets in your network.┬á It was presented at the 2012 Public and Higher Education sector security summit.┬á This summit features a full day of talks, presentations, and workshops dedicated to information technology and IT security professionals serving in this economically and socially important sector.┬á We will also present a vendor trade show featuring technology and consulting solution providers.┬á All attendees and vendors are invited to attend an evening reception at the end of the Summit.

This yearÔÇÖs theme is: ÔÇ£IT Means Business in Government and Higher EducationÔÇØ and will include sessions on IT, IT Security, IT Business Management, Compliance, and Legal issues.┬á The Summit will take place Wednesday, April 25, 2012 at LaCentre in Westlake, Ohio. LaCentre is located at 25777 Detroit Road, between Canterbury and Columbia Roads.┬á The facility is easily accessible from Interstate 90.


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