Breaking Free: A list of ransomware decryption tools and keys

Security software companies and research organizations are collaborating to break the encryption codes of ransomware variants and free those who have fallen victim to cybercriminals. Unfortunately for many, these efforts take time, and that’s why decryption methods often do not exist for the newest ransomware variants. The good news for those who have been infected by older ransomware is that there may be a decryption method available to recover their data.

If backups are available, the easiest course of action is to simply remove the virus, delete the infected files and restore data that has been encrypted. But that’s not always an option. In some cases, users become infected with older ransomware that is no longer being monitored for ransom payments—so paying the ransom won’t help. If your computer is infected with ransomware, the chart below may help.

Search for the ransomware in the table below and then download the decryption tool from the URL provided.  Some tools will scan for ransomware and prompt you to decrypt the files while others require you to point the decryption tool directly at the encrypted files. You may also have the option to remove the encrypted file after a decrypted version has been created. Please note: The decryption of files could take hours and a large number of encrypted files could take weeks to decrypt. In other words, be prepared to wait.

The list below was compiled in October 2016 and it contains links to decryption tools and or scripts that can potentially set your computer free.

777EmsisoftDownload decryptor
Agent iihKasperskyDownload decryptor
Al-NamroodEmsisoftDownload decryptor
ApocalypseEmsisoftDownload decryptor
ApocalypseVMEmsisoftDownload decryptor
AuraKasperskyDownload decryptor
AutoItKasperskyDownload decryptor
AutolockyEmsisoftDownload decryptor
BadBlockAVGDownload decryptor
BartAVGDownload decryptor
BitmanKasperskyDownload decryptor
ChimeraKasperskyDownload decryptor
CoinVaultNomoransomDownload decryptor
CryaklKasperskyDownload decryptor
CrybolaKasperskyDownload decryptor
CrypBossEmsisoftDownload decryptor
Crypt888AVGDownload decryptor
CryptInfiniteEmsisoftDownload decryptor
CryptoDefenseEmsisoftDownload decryptor
CryptokluchenKasperskyDownload decryptor
CryptXXXKasperskyDownload decryptor
CryptXXX v2KasperskyDownload decryptor
DeCryptEmsisoftDownload decryptor
DecryptorMaxEmsisoftDownload decryptor
DemocryKasperskyDownload decryptor
DMALocker2EmsisoftDownload decryptor
FabiansomwareEmsisoftDownload decryptor
FenixLockerEmsisoftDownload decryptor
FuryKasperskyDownload decryptor
GlobeEmsisoftDownload decryptor
Globe2TechForumDownload decryptor
GomasomEmsisoftDownload decryptor
HarasomEmsisoftDownload decryptor
HydraCryptEmsisoftDownload decryptor
JigsawMalwareHunterTeamDownload decryptor
KeyBTCEmsisoftDownload decryptor
LamerKasperskyDownload decryptor
LeChiffreEmsisoftDownload decryptor
LECHIFFRETrendMicroDownload decryptor
LegionAVGDownload decryptor
Linux Encoder 1BitDefenderDownload decryptor
LortokKasperskyDownload decryptor
MirCopTrendMicroDownload decryptor
NemucodEmsisoftDownload decryptor
Operation Global IIINathan ScottDownload decryptor
PCLockEmsisoftDownload decryptor
PeytaLeostoneDownload decryptor
PhiladelphiaEmsisoftDownload decryptor
PletorKasperskyDownload decryptor
RadamantEmsisoftDownload decryptor
RakhniKasperskyDownload decryptor
RannohKasperskyDownload decryptor
RotorKasperskyDownload decryptor
ShadeIntelDownload decryptor
SNSLockerTrendMicroDownload decryptor
StampadoTrendMicroDownload decryptor
SZFlockerAVGDownload decryptor
TeslaCryptCiscoDownload decryptor
TorLockerKasperskyDownload decryptor
UmbreCryptEmsisoftDownload decryptor
WildFireIntelDownload decryptor
XORBATTrendMicroDownload decryptor
XoristEmsisoftDownload decryptor
AlphaPhishLabsDownload decryptor

This list contains keys that can be directly used to decrypt files encrypted by Crypt38, Locker, and NoobCrypt.

Crypt38FortinetLook in your %Appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\request.bin directory
LockerPoka BrightMinds
NoobCryptJakub KroustekZdZ8EcvP95ki6NWR2j or lsakhBVLIKAHg

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