Business Continuity and Backups in the Virtual World

Virtualization has really become a mainstream technology and an effective way for organizations to reduce costs. Virtualization simplifies processes but also creates new information security risks to handle. This article is concerned with business continuity and how virtualization can create many new opportunities and efficiencies in your business continuity plan. This is the third article in a series on virtualization.

Specifically, three elements of business continuity that can be enhanced through virtualization. These elements are hot, warm, and cold sites, which provide redundancy in case a single site goes down.  Snapshots record changes to the virtual machines to protect against data loss or server downtime, offering fast and easy restoration to the snapshot.  Virtualization is also an excellent platform for testing since servers can be easily created, saved, and cloned. If you have not considered virtualization in your business continuity plan, I hope you will add it to your implementation plan.