New Quarter Starting

A new quarter is starting on Monday.  I will be teaching Programming 1, Career Development and Packaged Applications.  I was going to get some things from a coworker that have to deal with my Packaged Applications class but I have not went into work in the last few days.  I guess I will have to structure my syllabus without looking at his information first.  My plan is to give them a syllabus but to hand out the assignment list later so that I will have more time to prepare it. 


Teaching Technology 2005

On Friday I went to an event in Columbus called Teaching Technology in 2005.  I learned a few things that might help me in my classes and I met a number of new people.  There were professors from all over at the event and each of them is teaching computers.  I also got to meet my book rep and I will soon be on the list to order books from Thompson publishing.  I can order whatever ones I want and they will be shipped to me free of charge.

The event was good and I am glad I went, but I have to finish my preparation with one less day this week.

Protocols – Getting to the “meat” of networking

This week I am teaching on protocols in my networking class. I love the topic and I got excited when I noticed what this chapter was about but I am sure my students will feel differently. I was preparing and I found there to be about 25 acronyms that they will need to learn. They are not so good at memorizing acronyms so I am sure they will complain a bit.

On the bright side, this is the first chapter with real networking “meat” so I am excited. I think they will really enjoy digging down deep into how computers communicate. We also get to learn about subnetting and supernetting where I combine address spaces or break them apart to create more networks and less computers on each network or less networks with more hosts on each.

Professor Vanderburg reporting for duty

I interviewed for a position as the Computer Networking Technology professor at Remington College on Monday. After the interview, I was asked to come back and give a sample lecture. In the lecture, they had students do various disruptive things so I had to maintain order in the classroom. They also asked a few questions that were meant to lead me in the wrong direction. I guess I did ok because they offered me the job afterwards. I am really excited. Thanks everyone for your prayers.

I guess the next updates will not be about Japan. I will switch to talking about my teaching.