Social networking strategy

Social networking is my thing this year and I just wanted to share my strategy with you in case you find it useful.

I spend about 30 minutes each day managing my Twitter and Linkedin accounts and it really helps.  Each day on Linkedin, I search for others I can connect with. I also look through my connections and find people whom I can endorse and after endorsing them I ask them to endorse me as well. I added my social networks to my email signature so that people I communicate with will add me or view my social networks.

Weekly, I look for one thing on my Linkedin that I can improve and then I improve that area.  It may be adding more detail to a section or revising some wording but I make regular edits.  Next, I Google myself to make sure that no negative information appears about me and that my positive sites appear early in the search results.

Most employers Google potential employees and they check their Linkedin, Twitter and public Facebook so it can really pay off.┬á You can also search for jobs on Linkedin but it will only show jobs that you are connected with so as you add more connections, more jobs will become available.┬á I never would have landed the book contract if it weren’t for Linkedin.

Ready for VandyLAN 8?

Are you ready for some great PC gaming? Bring your computer to VandyLAN 8 where we will game all day long and into the night. Come for the entire thing or just stay a while. Either way, you will have a great time. We will have the projector set up as a score board. Let me know what games you would like to play.

Things to bring with you to VandyLAN

1. Computer, Monitor and Keyboard for PCs or a Laptop
2. Mouse
3. Ethernet cable (the longer the better)
4. Power Strip
5. Game media for games you want to play

Optional but recommended
1. Headset (Headphones and microphone so you can speak only to your teammates)
2. Blank CD/DVDs for burning games. We can share ISOs too so this is not a requirement but some prefer a real disk.
3. Gaming pads, controllers and/or joysticks
4. Mouse pad (provides comfort)
5. External hard drive for file sharing

I would like to play some freelancer at the LAN party. Freelancer is a game from Microsoft that was abandoned years ago after a long wait for a sequel that never arrived. The modding community has extended the game over the years and added much more to the world including many ships, systems, bases and other things. One of the best mods is called Discovery. Another great thing about playing freelancer is that it won’t cost you a dime.

Here is what you need to do to run the game and discovery
1. Install Freelancer (
2. Install the Freelancer 1.1 update (
3. Installed the Discovery 4.86 Exiles

Instead of setting up my own server, we will be using a server that already exists. I set up an account on this server already and I will get a ship. I will also earn some money so that I can give each player at the LAN party enough money for a ship. The name of the server is “Discovery Free Play Non-RP 24/7”. I talked to the owners and they are fine with all of us connecting for the LAN party and you are all free to join early too. See this page for information on all the ships you can fly.

We will form up as teams and then fly to an empty area of space so that we can do some team battles. We can also do some cooperative activities. We will balance the teams based on the ships we have so that a few powerful ships do not dominate the battle.

This video gives you an idea how combat works in Freelancer with the Discovery mod.

[embedplusvideo height=”480″ width=”960″ editlink=”” standard=”″ vars=”ytid=x1OfhG2Rbqk&width=960&height=480&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=1&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep1138″ /]
Here is a demo of what Artemis looks like in the theater. I only have three laptops in this setup with the main screen and the camera did not operate well in the low light but I thought it made for a cool demo.
[embedplusvideo height=”480″ width=”960″ editlink=”″ standard=”″ vars=”ytid=xTIWaeCPB10&width=960&height=480&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep1190″ /]

Christmas and New Year Greetings 2010

Joy to the World the Lord has Come!

As we approach the celebration of our SaviorÔÇÖs birth, our minds think of family and friends. We are hoping that this year has been a blessed year for you. That even in the midst of the trials you were able to find some peace and comfort. We pray that you had joyful times and your Christmas will be filled with special memories.

Our year definitely had its challenges but we were clearly blessed in the midst of them. Even more, these experiences allowed us to grow in our dependence upon the Lord.

Aimee has been an RN for 10 years and at Cleveland Clinic for almost eight years. She began this year on the same surgical unit that she enjoyed for over six years. Early in January she began to experience debilitating knee pain that made it difficult to ambulate and shortly thereafter had to take a medical leave. It was not until June that she found relief from her osteoarthritis and was able to return to work. The trial was long but her spirit was being renewed day by day as she sought comfort in the Lord.

Aimee returned to work at the Cleveland Clinic in a new area. SI am now working in the outpatient setting at the Taussig Cancer Institute. She immediately felt comfortable and enjoys her new job.

As I was graciously caring for Aimee during those difficult months, I was also caring for a dear friend, Chris, who broke his leg early in January. We felt honored to provide a safe place for a friend in need. God provided so much grace while we extended a helping hand. Both Aimee and Chris are happy to now be healed and feel so blessed to see GodÔÇÖs hand in and through it all.

I have been working year round on my doctorate degree for the past four years. The dissertation portion of my doctorate program has been challenging. With caring for Aimee and Chris earlier this year, and needing some time away from school, I took a well-needed break from the program. After returning to the program and several months of very hard work, I was recently told that I am officially a doctoral candidate. I look forward to completing the program in 2011 when, Lord willing, I will receive the title Doctor of Information Assurance.

I continue to work at a legal technology company called JurInnov. I have been a technology director there for the past four years and now, with the launch of JurInnovÔÇÖs new security business line, I am directing the information systems and information security departments. Every other week or so, I write an information security article for this blog that I then syndicate to JurInnovÔÇÖs Security Spotlight site. I enjoy writing professional articles in my field of expertise.

I continue to work on my novel, The Prevailing Palette. I have primarily been polishing earlier chapters with a focus on improving the flow of the story and my writing style. The characters in the story are developing well, each with their own unique personality and charm.

I and Aimee continue to enjoy using our home to bless others. Aimee hosted two womenÔÇÖs Bible studies as she has done for the past two and half years ÔÇô In the spring they studied ÔÇÿSeeking HimÔÇÖ by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. In the fall they studied ÔÇÿJesus the One and OnlyÔÇÖ by Beth Moore. These studies have provided great fellowship among the women and growth in the Lord. Aimee plans to continue the tradition of leading the studies each year.

This year we were blessed to be able to travel to Israel on the Moody Bible Institute tour. We enjoyed seeing the land where Jesus spent my earthly time and it was made even more special because we shared the experience with family. Mom and dad along with Aunt Nancy, Aunt Camilla, Uncle Dennis, and our cousin Nikko all went on the trip with us. We were amazed to see the places of the Bible come alive for us in Israel. It was an experience that transformed our lives. Miraculously, Aimee, who had been virtually unable to walk due to arthritis pain, was given new knees in Israel. We praise God that she was able to climb stairs and mountains with very little pain.

We look forward to being proud parents of Faith Marie. She is due February 3rd and we well up with joy as we prepare for her arrival.

We pray for GodÔÇÖs peace to be with you at Christmas and through the New Year.

Christmas and New Year Greetings 2009

REJOICE! A Savior is Born!

The last of the vibrant colors of fall are still clinging to the trees as we stop to reflect on the past 11 months; filled with studying, entertaining guests, writing, traveling and home improvements. As we near the end of another wonderful year we well up with joy as we are getting ready to celebrate our SaviorÔÇÖs birth again.

Aimee has been at Cleveland Clinic for almost seven years and working on the surgical telemetry unit for five and a half years now. She enjoys working with some of the best nursing staff and managers. Her status changed to full time in August and she has already enjoyed her first paid vacation. She plans to stay in this position for the coming year and she has decided not to pursue her MasterÔÇÖs degree in Nursing. Aimee is leaning more toward Biblical counseling studies and she is excited to see what journey the Lord has for her.

I have been working for JurInnov for the past three years as a technology manager. I enjoy my job. It provides me with a challenge and much diversity in tasks and projects. In addition to my managerial duties, I have performed some database and security consulting and have given presentations on virtualization and storage networking.

I began the dissertation portion of my doctorate at the beginning of this year. The dissertation phase has proven to be quite different from my prior academic studies. It is very specialized and one on one with my adviser. I have about one more year in the program and I am eagerly looking forward to its completion in early 2011 when I can officially be called a doctor – Doctor of Information Assurance to be precise. I try to juggle work and school with time to spare for writing and relationships.

We both love to entertain in our home. We believe that God has given us this home so that we can use it to bless others. Aimee hosted two womenÔÇÖs Bible studies this year ÔÇô In the spring they studied Esther and now just finished a study on the subject of ScriptureÔÇÖs liberating Truth. Both studies were well-received and created beautiful opportunity for the ladies to bond and grow together in the Lord. Aimee is looking forward to doing another Bible study with the ladies of Calvary Community Church in the spring but will continue her own studies through the winter.

We hosted a number of parties. We had several game and movie nights as well as cookouts and family gatherings. We had our first murder mystery dinner party in June and we also enjoyed the fellowship with friends and family at our annual costume party in October. This is AimeeÔÇÖs year to work New YearÔÇÖs so there will not be the usual New YearÔÇÖs celebration at our home.

With all the work, school, and entertaining, we still did manage to leave the house a few times. We are regular patrons of Playhouse Square. This year we saw A Comedy of Errors to continue the goal of seeing all of the ShakespeareÔÇÖs plays that we can. Our favorite shows this year were Cirque du Soleil and Wicked, which was absolutely amazing. Our first opera experience was a very good one. The story content of Don Giovanni will not be on our ÔÇ£top favorites listÔÇØ however the singing was incredible.

This year I decided to finally start working on a novel. I am writing a fictional story set in a renaissance-period fantasy world. The experience has been very enlightening for
me as I research topics for the book. I have spent many nights reading of topics such as sailing, ancient combat tactics, or horse care in a quest to craft an interesting novel.

I continued to be willing to do some camping with Aimee in the summer; while she has been willing to learn more about computers with me as well as trying to learn to ski in the winter. Our horizons continue to be broadened by the different interests that we share.

There were several home improvements and small trips throughout the year. New chandeliers and replacing all of the back doors with sliding glass doors has provided more cheerful light and a sense of warmth to our home. We are thankful for the opportunity that we had to make these changes as well as do some traveling to Branson, MO; Anna Maria Island, FL and Isle of Palms, SC.

Particularly memorable was our first wedding anniversary in July. We celebrated at Maggianos where we had our reception and then watched the sunset over the lake. It was a wonderfully romantic way to recognize our first blessed year together.

Each year we look forward to a trip to Branson, MO for the Vanderburg family reunion in July and a drive to Troy, Ohio for the Zenisek family reunion in November. The tradition of family traveling from afar to spend time together has been heartwarming and has given us wonderful memories to cherish. We try to make the best of every opportunity that we can to spend time with AimeeÔÇÖs siblings and many nieces and nephews.

We truly feel blessed with amazing parents, family and friends. We pray the LordÔÇÖs blessings will be yours now and in the New Year.


VandyLAN 7

I wanted to remind you that this Saturday, July 25 from 12:00 Noon till 12:00 Midnight is VandyLAN 7.  I hope you can make it.  We will have a great time playing computer games.  I will also have the Xbox 360 hooked up for some games.  We can play anything you bring but we are sure to play Warcraft III tower defense and Quake Wars: Enemy Territory.  I will order pizza that day so please bring a few dollars for food.


Update:  Here are the pictures from VandyLAN 7.  We had a great time.

Christmas and New Year Greetings 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

It is hard to believe that a new year is on the horizon once again. Something feels fresh about another year beginning. But even more is the excitement as we approach the celebration of our SaviorÔÇÖs birth.

2008 was a wonderful year for us. After getting engaged to be married last December, there was a lot of excitement and planning for our wedding in July. Just before our big day we took a short respite during our annual family reunion in Branson, MO. It was an opportunity to relax and also come together to finalize the last of the wedding planning and see some relatives who couldnÔÇÖt make it to the wedding. Aimee was given the opportunity to meet family members that live quite far away. She felt like she fit right in.

It was wonderful to have so many of our family and friends witness our commitment on July 12th. The wedding was a joyful celebration and our honeymoon on an Alaskan Cruise was an exciting experience. GodÔÇÖs creation was simply magnificent.

I am still working at JurInnov. I enjoy his job and take a lot of pride in the company and my work. JurInnov is doing well despite the state of the economy. I have been managing the IT team while doing some work with storage technologies and occasional database consulting. JurInnov worked with Hitachi Data Systems to test a new storage device in the early part of the year and I appeared in several articles following the release of the product.

I work in the playhouse district of Cleveland so it is convenient for us to see plays, musicals, operas and other performances. We have a goal of eventually seeing all of ShakespeareÔÇÖs plays. This year we went to see AllÔÇÖs Well That Ends Well in April and Macbeth in September. We enjoyed both plays. They came alive for us as we saw them acted out.

I am completing my second year of his doctoral studies and will start the dissertation phase of the program in January. I have about two more years of study and research before I will complete the degree.

Aimee has been working at Cleveland Clinic for 6 years. She enjoys her position on a Surgical Telemetry Unit. She will refocus her career toward Mother/Newborn Nursing at some point, but this was not the year for any more changes in her life.

Aimee is considering returning to school. She would work towards the MasterÔÇÖs degree that is required for becoming a Midwife. It will take some time to discover the proper direction for her because she has an even greater passion to serve in WomenÔÇÖs Ministry.

Aimee had three years of Bible Training in Akron that has ended now that she lives in Westlake. This year she helped lead her first Bible Study in her home. Her friend Amy Allen was a co-leader for Beth MooreÔÇÖs ÔÇÿBreaking FreeÔÇÖ, an in-depth study of Scripture. It was truly a blessing to study GodÔÇÖs Word and get to know women from the area and Calvary Community Church. She looks forward to doing another study in the spring.

We bought a house in Westlake prior to getting married. 2008 has been a year of many home improvements and landscaping. We are thankful for our parents many talents in helping us make this house a home. I spent a lot of time outside during the Spring and Summer working on the Japanese garden and koi pond. We are enjoying the improvements, especially the back deck and hot tub, and are working on finishing the home theater in the basement for more group gatherings.

Nothing brings us greater joy than to use our home to spend time with others. We will continue LAN parties (friends playing computer games together), annual Costume party around Halloween, game nights, and our annual New YearÔÇÖs party; as well as Bible Studies and Go and Philosophy nights. (Where a few of my friends play ÔÇÿGoÔÇÖ and discuss meaningful topics twice a month. Go is a Japanese strategic board game.)

We enjoy having others over but we also have three cats and about 30 fish to keep us company. After one of our cats, Angel, passed away we decided to look for another cat to keep Mouse company. We ended up adopting not one but two cats named Gavin and Midnight. It took a little while for Mouse to get used to two male cats but now they all play well together. They make quite a cute trio.

AimeeÔÇÖs family has their annual family reunion just after Thanksgiving. It is always a fun time. We are glad that both of our families make it a point to keep in touch. Eric feels like he fits right in with AimeeÔÇÖs family. In fact, both of our families play Dutch Blitz for fun. How perfect.

There are some things that we do different. Camping for instance; Aimee could camp many times a year while I would rather play or work on his computer. We have both compromised a little where Aimee has learned to do more on computers and Eric made it to the 10th Annual Labor Day Camp out in southern Ohio. We donÔÇÖt combine the two (technology with nature outings) but we have broadened our horizons with great joy.

ÔÇ£Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests.ÔÇØ ┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬áÔÇôLuke 2:14

We wish you a wonderful Christmas and New Year. May God bless you richly and draw you closer to him each day.


My Brother and Friend
Eulogy for Justin Vanderburg by Eric Vanderburg
September 6, 2006I could ask for no better brother than Justin.  He was not only my brother but my best friend as well.  He lived his life like no other; exuding passion, courage, creativity, wisdom, and an amazing faith.

JustinÔÇÖs passion played out as he made the most of each day.┬á He did his best in both work and play.┬á He enjoyed the law and discussions on the interpretation of it.┬á Many times he and Dad would discuss an issue over dinner from work or school.

Justin and I skied in high school.  I remember when he told me he wanted to snowboard instead of ski.  I was sad because I thought this would separate us on the slopes but he picked up snowboarding quickly and soon after I were riding the black diamonds together.  He later became a snowboard instructor at the Brandywine Ski Resort and even gave me tips on how to improve my ski form on the slopes.   Justin picked things up quickly like that.

Justin certainly had a passion for motorcycles in recent years, but when I were little he enjoyed riding his bicycle. Years ago, Justin and I each got small light bikes for doing tricks and jumps.  In the woods nearby there was a full course of jumps I used to ride on.  One jump was much larger than the others and there was a 10-foot pit in between the jump and the landing.  That jump scared me but Justin eagerly approached it.  He zipped through the woods and hit that jump at full speed.  After barely landing the jump on his first try he told me he was eager to try it again and encouraged me to try it too.    His encouragement and courage spurred me on many times to do things I never thought possible.  He was always expanding his surroundings and that of those around him.

At Tablerock Lake in Missouri, there is a cliff that hangs over the water.  We jump off this cliff every year.  I think Justin was the first one to jump from the high ledge which can be quite scary even to the seasoned cliff-jumper.  The top ledge, however, was not enough for him.  He found an even higher area to jump from.  He was not scared of the fall.  Rather, he relished the experience just as he relished so many other things in life.

No matter how busy Justin was, he would take time out for others.┬á I canÔÇÖt begin to count the number of times Justin would drop what he was doing when I wanted to show him something.┬á I remember him watching me play video games even when he was not interested in them or listen to a story about work when he had plenty of other things he could be doing.┬á His genuine attention meant so much to me.

Justin was also creative and thoughtful.  While Justin was still in High School, he designed and built a wooden speaker platform for the trunk of my car.  He wanted to help make my car stylish with a loud sound system.  Justin engineered a platform to house 3 large speakers and an equalizer set.  After completing the carpentry and wiring, it looked great but unfortunately sounded bad.  I learned a number of things about carpentry from him that day.  It was a great time of working together as his vision saw us through to the end.  Justin worked hard on that project and he was a great planner.

Justin was innovative at an even younger age.  One time when I were both kids, Justin, along with a few neighbor kids and I, wanted to make some extra money.  We decided to chop up an old rotting tree in my neighbors yard to sell as peat moss.  We chopped away and loaded my product into my red wagon.  Justin then did his best to try to sell the product.  I laugh so hard when I think back to that time.  He was so enthusiastic and sure of himself.  We had so much fun.

Justin was full of solid Biblical advice.  He gave me council on how to live right with God before pursuing relationships.  I could bring anything to him and know that he would listen and give me an honest, well-thought answer.  He made me think and he always wanted the best for me.  He surrounded himself with Christian friends and immersed himself in the Word.

Justin was the first one off the cliff and the first one to hit the jumps.┬á He was also the first one to win lifeÔÇÖs race.┬á Justin started serving the Lord at an early age.┬á He ran hard and he finished early.┬á He lived for the Lord and accomplished so much in the time he was given.┬á For this I am sure that the Lord welcomed him into heaven saying ÔÇ£my good and faithful servantÔÇØ.┬á In recent days I have heard from those he discipled who told me how he led them to the Lord or how he encouraged them in their faith.┬á There is no better legacy he could live than that.┬á The life he led was an open testimony to his faith and I are all witnesses to it.

In the last days at the hospital, I waited for the miracle I thought God was to work in JustinÔÇÖs life.┬á I now realize that I was living with the miracle for 24 years.┬á I thank God for the time I had together and that Justin is now enjoying his reward in heaven.┬á The miracle and the blessing lives on in all the lives he touched.