Christmas and New Year Greetings 2009

REJOICE! A Savior is Born!

The last of the vibrant colors of fall are still clinging to the trees as we stop to reflect on the past 11 months; filled with studying, entertaining guests, writing, traveling and home improvements. As we near the end of another wonderful year we well up with joy as we are getting ready to celebrate our SaviorÔÇÖs birth again.

Aimee has been at Cleveland Clinic for almost seven years and working on the surgical telemetry unit for five and a half years now. She enjoys working with some of the best nursing staff and managers. Her status changed to full time in August and she has already enjoyed her first paid vacation. She plans to stay in this position for the coming year and she has decided not to pursue her MasterÔÇÖs degree in Nursing. Aimee is leaning more toward Biblical counseling studies and she is excited to see what journey the Lord has for her.

I have been working for JurInnov for the past three years as a technology manager. I enjoy my job. It provides me with a challenge and much diversity in tasks and projects. In addition to my managerial duties, I have performed some database and security consulting and have given presentations on virtualization and storage networking.

I began the dissertation portion of my doctorate at the beginning of this year. The dissertation phase has proven to be quite different from my prior academic studies. It is very specialized and one on one with my adviser. I have about one more year in the program and I am eagerly looking forward to its completion in early 2011 when I can officially be called a doctor – Doctor of Information Assurance to be precise. I try to juggle work and school with time to spare for writing and relationships.

We both love to entertain in our home. We believe that God has given us this home so that we can use it to bless others. Aimee hosted two womenÔÇÖs Bible studies this year ÔÇô In the spring they studied Esther and now just finished a study on the subject of ScriptureÔÇÖs liberating Truth. Both studies were well-received and created beautiful opportunity for the ladies to bond and grow together in the Lord. Aimee is looking forward to doing another Bible study with the ladies of Calvary Community Church in the spring but will continue her own studies through the winter.

We hosted a number of parties. We had several game and movie nights as well as cookouts and family gatherings. We had our first murder mystery dinner party in June and we also enjoyed the fellowship with friends and family at our annual costume party in October. This is AimeeÔÇÖs year to work New YearÔÇÖs so there will not be the usual New YearÔÇÖs celebration at our home.

With all the work, school, and entertaining, we still did manage to leave the house a few times. We are regular patrons of Playhouse Square. This year we saw A Comedy of Errors to continue the goal of seeing all of the ShakespeareÔÇÖs plays that we can. Our favorite shows this year were Cirque du Soleil and Wicked, which was absolutely amazing. Our first opera experience was a very good one. The story content of Don Giovanni will not be on our ÔÇ£top favorites listÔÇØ however the singing was incredible.

This year I decided to finally start working on a novel. I am writing a fictional story set in a renaissance-period fantasy world. The experience has been very enlightening for
me as I research topics for the book. I have spent many nights reading of topics such as sailing, ancient combat tactics, or horse care in a quest to craft an interesting novel.

I continued to be willing to do some camping with Aimee in the summer; while she has been willing to learn more about computers with me as well as trying to learn to ski in the winter. Our horizons continue to be broadened by the different interests that we share.

There were several home improvements and small trips throughout the year. New chandeliers and replacing all of the back doors with sliding glass doors has provided more cheerful light and a sense of warmth to our home. We are thankful for the opportunity that we had to make these changes as well as do some traveling to Branson, MO; Anna Maria Island, FL and Isle of Palms, SC.

Particularly memorable was our first wedding anniversary in July. We celebrated at Maggianos where we had our reception and then watched the sunset over the lake. It was a wonderfully romantic way to recognize our first blessed year together.

Each year we look forward to a trip to Branson, MO for the Vanderburg family reunion in July and a drive to Troy, Ohio for the Zenisek family reunion in November. The tradition of family traveling from afar to spend time together has been heartwarming and has given us wonderful memories to cherish. We try to make the best of every opportunity that we can to spend time with AimeeÔÇÖs siblings and many nieces and nephews.

We truly feel blessed with amazing parents, family and friends. We pray the LordÔÇÖs blessings will be yours now and in the New Year.


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