Christmas and New Year Greetings 2010

Joy to the World the Lord has Come!

As we approach the celebration of our SaviorÔÇÖs birth, our minds think of family and friends. We are hoping that this year has been a blessed year for you. That even in the midst of the trials you were able to find some peace and comfort. We pray that you had joyful times and your Christmas will be filled with special memories.

Our year definitely had its challenges but we were clearly blessed in the midst of them. Even more, these experiences allowed us to grow in our dependence upon the Lord.

Aimee has been an RN for 10 years and at Cleveland Clinic for almost eight years. She began this year on the same surgical unit that she enjoyed for over six years. Early in January she began to experience debilitating knee pain that made it difficult to ambulate and shortly thereafter had to take a medical leave. It was not until June that she found relief from her osteoarthritis and was able to return to work. The trial was long but her spirit was being renewed day by day as she sought comfort in the Lord.

Aimee returned to work at the Cleveland Clinic in a new area. SI am now working in the outpatient setting at the Taussig Cancer Institute. She immediately felt comfortable and enjoys her new job.

As I was graciously caring for Aimee during those difficult months, I was also caring for a dear friend, Chris, who broke his leg early in January. We felt honored to provide a safe place for a friend in need. God provided so much grace while we extended a helping hand. Both Aimee and Chris are happy to now be healed and feel so blessed to see GodÔÇÖs hand in and through it all.

I have been working year round on my doctorate degree for the past four years. The dissertation portion of my doctorate program has been challenging. With caring for Aimee and Chris earlier this year, and needing some time away from school, I took a well-needed break from the program. After returning to the program and several months of very hard work, I was recently told that I am officially a doctoral candidate. I look forward to completing the program in 2011 when, Lord willing, I will receive the title Doctor of Information Assurance.

I continue to work at a legal technology company called JurInnov. I have been a technology director there for the past four years and now, with the launch of JurInnovÔÇÖs new security business line, I am directing the information systems and information security departments. Every other week or so, I write an information security article for this blog that I then syndicate to JurInnovÔÇÖs Security Spotlight site. I enjoy writing professional articles in my field of expertise.

I continue to work on my novel, The Prevailing Palette. I have primarily been polishing earlier chapters with a focus on improving the flow of the story and my writing style. The characters in the story are developing well, each with their own unique personality and charm.

I and Aimee continue to enjoy using our home to bless others. Aimee hosted two womenÔÇÖs Bible studies as she has done for the past two and half years ÔÇô In the spring they studied ÔÇÿSeeking HimÔÇÖ by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. In the fall they studied ÔÇÿJesus the One and OnlyÔÇÖ by Beth Moore. These studies have provided great fellowship among the women and growth in the Lord. Aimee plans to continue the tradition of leading the studies each year.

This year we were blessed to be able to travel to Israel on the Moody Bible Institute tour. We enjoyed seeing the land where Jesus spent my earthly time and it was made even more special because we shared the experience with family. Mom and dad along with Aunt Nancy, Aunt Camilla, Uncle Dennis, and our cousin Nikko all went on the trip with us. We were amazed to see the places of the Bible come alive for us in Israel. It was an experience that transformed our lives. Miraculously, Aimee, who had been virtually unable to walk due to arthritis pain, was given new knees in Israel. We praise God that she was able to climb stairs and mountains with very little pain.

We look forward to being proud parents of Faith Marie. She is due February 3rd and we well up with joy as we prepare for her arrival.

We pray for GodÔÇÖs peace to be with you at Christmas and through the New Year.

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