Cisco certification and Star Trek

I plan to take the next Cisco test soon.  It will be nice to have the Cisco preparation over and done with.  I am eager to start on my next project.  I am looking at a wireless certification.

I went to a Renaissance Fair over the holiday.  It was a nice break from the usual.  I took a few pictures but I ran out of space on MSN spaces.  We saw a number of good events and looked at many crafts.  I wish I had a little more artistic skill than I do.  It would be nice to design attractive things.

I study a lot but I have been filling some of my spare time by watching episodes of Deep Space 9.  My goal is to eventually watch every Star Trek episode ever made.  So far, I have watched all of Next Generation, Voyager, & Enterprise.  I am half way through DS9 and then I will watch the episodes I have not seen from the original series and the animated series.  Overall, I like Voyager the best.

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