Computer Crime

Today I presented on computer crime to my entire Associate Degree program.  I think I did a better job of presenting in the evening because I had some questions that got me a little too technical in the morning.  I was presenting to Criminal Justice, Business, and Computer Networking students.  The computer students wanted to know more about the technologies and exploits while the business and criminal justice students could care less.  The presentation was for half of the morning and night sessions and lasted about 2 hours. 

I had a really cool looking background that I put into the slides but it did not show up very well on the projector so I had to do a last minute adjustment of the background of the slides to make it more readable.  I think quite a few people benefited from the presentation but some people saw it as just an event they had to attend.  I had many people ask for copies of the slides and got quite a lot of positive feedback but I also heard from my class that others did not enjoy it. 

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