Computer Games

Ian, Chris, and I have all been waiting for a game called Dungeon Siege 2 to be released. The game was created by a company called Gas Powered Games and then acquired by Microsoft. It was slated to be released back in August but the release date was pushed back and the latest news lists the release date as Spring 2005. The game is an RPG similar to many Diablo clones with a more 3d look it it. Where it majorly differentiates itself is in the way you develop a character. As in the first game, all characters start out the same and as you fight enemies the skills you use are the ones that increase in power. Characters are not locked into predefined roles but can be what they want to be. The multiplayer abilities of the first game were great and the scripting tools were good also. Many people wrote mods for it. I think mods are what make games great these days because the game changes more and it gives you more options. I can’t remember when modding of games started…Maybe with Halflife but now it is very popular. Warcraft III was way better because of all the things that could be written to run on its engine. Anyway, I am looking forward to playing that game.

There is a version of DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) for the Xbox called DDR Ultramix. DDR is a game where you dance on a pad according to arrows that appear on the screen. It is a good workout and a lot of fun. I’d like to try the game but I do not have an Xbox. I will probably pick one up if I ever see a cheap one at a used store now that I know of a few games to play on it. There is a game called Shenmue 2 for the Xbox that I would love to play. I played the first on on my Dreamcast.

Recently, in my spare time, I have been playing the Mahjong matching tile game. I want to learn how to play the full game which seems similar to Rummikub. I downloaded the rules and I might look for an online community where I could play a few games. I’d like to play more Go also if anyone out there is interested. Ian, Bobbi? I’ve met a lot of people here but no one who is interested in playing Go with me. Chess would also be fun. Chris?

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