I was skeptical and Google “Interparcel” when I got the …

Comment on Buying or Selling? An Investigation into Craigslist Scams by Daniel.

I was skeptical and Google “Interparcel” when I got the email:

“I was checking for a way to make the exchange from here to you in the US and I came across this option, which is a very good way to make this exchange.
It’s provide by a company called Interparcel and it will help us with this transaction.
They seem designed specifically for internet transactions, they handle both the payment and delivery part of this transaction. They seem pretty nice and trustworthy and they provide a service that we can use for our exchange.
The link below is from Interparcel website and it explains their procedure. Please check the link and the procedure and let me know if you agree to the terms.


With this procedure Interparcel will deliver the laptop to you, receive your payment and I will receive the payment for the laptop only after you instruct them to do so.
I will pay the shipping.
Let me know if we can proceed.


The seller name is Suliman Anna in Vancouver Canada.

Thank you for great info.

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