This is unbelievable!! I too almost fell for this ‘I …

Comment on Buying or Selling? An Investigation into Craigslist Scams by Sal.

This is unbelievable!! I too almost fell for this ‘I am now in Vancouver’ scam but fortunately, realizing fast enough that this may possibly a scam, asked him to meet me locally to check out the advertised apple product. Of course I never heard back from ‘Brady Johnson’ The scam was word for word verbatim to the ones described in the blog except for the name change. The phony escrow site he provided a link for was:

Another scam I discovered recently is when you respond to a craiglist post selling an electronic item at a really low price, you get a friendly reply stating that “he” or “she” just sold it but that she just purchased another three similar items from a website with a link in the email. I would caution everyone to NOT click on any link which may potentially install malicious virus/es to your computer.

I buy a good deal of items locally from legitimate craigslist ads but have now become extremely suspicious of these too good to be true ads, especially selling highly sought after electronics. If you see any that looks and sounds suspicious, you can flag it as spam.

Be careful folks!

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