I feel it sounds scam so I decided to do …

Comment on Buying or Selling? An Investigation into Craigslist Scams by Hong.

I feel it sounds scam so I decided to do more research. Here is the 1st email:
On Sat, Mar 23, 2013 at 1:50 AM, Bruce Mayberry <mayberrybruce@vs-email.com > wrote:

Hi, I am getting back to you regarding the iPad2 from Craigslist

My name is Bruce and I am now in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Please take a look at the pictures attached to this email.
I’m sorry but the ipad 2 is not available anymore but I do have an
iPad 3 (64GB) for $300.
The iPad 3 is brand new, it works with any GSM carrier and comes
with warranty.
I tried to be as thorough as I could with the presentation so you
can have all the info if you decide to go ahead and buy it.
Let me know.

PS As you can see in the second picture, I also have iPads 4,
Minis, and iPhones 5.


The 2nd email:

I’ll have to send it from here. I have found a company called Rapid Parcel that will deliver the ipad to you in the US and allow you to check the ipad before I receive the payment. You will be in control of your money and I will be in control of my ipad.
I have used them before and they are nice, trustworthy and very cheap.
I will use 2 day delivery and I will take care of the shipping fee.
Please have a look at their procedure and we will go from there.



Just report the fake website to Rapid Parcel and now to ic3. Things like this should receive huge fines.

Thank you Eric for your very detailed report, 🙂

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