You posted this blog last year in June, I’ve got …

Comment on Buying or Selling? An Investigation into Craigslist Scams by Mat.

You posted this blog last year in June, I’ve got the same email text yesterday. As careful as I am, the first thing I did was asking Google. Thanks man, it was so easy to identify it as scam.
But to be honest, I don’t think filing a fraud doesn’t do anything. Why does nobody cooperate with Wester Union to track these activities back to the roots? I mean, why can’t I go to WU saying, I don’t want that any money will ever be transferred, but I want that this guy who wants to complete my fake money transfer will be identified. And when the one, who’s been caught is only someone in the middle, then continue the procedure until there is an end! I mean, this should be possible, even if they are operating internationally! And if I can’t do that, why can’t the FBI setup a fake transfer?
If a fake transfer is illegal, I want to setup a WU transfer, that somebody needs to identify first and he can get the money if I have checked his identity and he returns with the same identity to finally get the money. Or don’t allow international transfers on customer request or only to my preferred destination. These are my rules, so please, WU, make this type of moneytransfer possible. I would even pay for that.
This schema is with exactly the same word-by-word scam mails, with exactly the same kind of devices. The same easily identifyable pattern. What have they done in the last 9 month?

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