WOW. i was in the process of getting a macbook, and …

Comment on Buying or Selling? An Investigation into Craigslist Scams by Elvis James.


i was in the process of getting a macbook, and for a few days now i have been going back and forth with this “person” the conversation wasn’t verbatim to your example, but the gist was eerily similar

“I’m getting back to you about the 15-inch MacBook Pro I’m selling on Craigslist.

I’m Nathalie and I’m now in Toronto.
I’ve attached pictures of my Mac to this email. It’s 2012, under Apple warranty and in perfect shape.
I hope you like it and you wish to buy it 🙂
Let me know.”

– i responded expressign concern “she” replied

“I understand your concern but this is not the case. I’m just trying to sell my Mac.
I’ll have to send it from here. I have found a company called CCL Logistics that will deliver the Mac to you in the US and allow you to check the Mac before I receive the payment. You will be in control of your money and I will be in control of my Mac.
I will use 5 day delivery and I will take care of the shipping fee.
Please have a look at their procedure and we will go from there.”

like everyone, i checked out ccl-logistics (used scamadvisor and all) told “her” seems good …

but i dug deeper and SO glad i found this article.

there were few flags
1. being the very low price
2. “her” not really referencing the original craigslist ad
3. i got two emails from this “person” one was [ nathalie, and the other ] one in reference to a 17″ (which i never looked into) and the other for a 15″ and the images attached had two COMPLETELY different background apt settings ( little things like that make me wary.

anywho in short; THANKS FOR THIS ARTICLE! lol

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