Creating a Culture of Information Security | Information Security Summit

ShouldnÔÇÖt companies and employees understand the importance of security and be ÔÇ£on boardÔÇØ with at least minimal security procedures? After all, how many times have you heard or told others of the importance of a strong password? Reality seems just the opposite. Resistance to security is strong in many organizations despite initiatives to educate on risks and the importance of security. So what obstacle might be preventing adoption of security initiatives in your company?

Organizational culture.

Organizational culture is made up of the values, attitudes, and beliefs within the organization. It, like the subconscious mind, guides decision making, receptiveness to certain ideas, and company direction in many areas including information security. Culture can make or break information security. The good news is that culture can be shaped.

In this presentation, Eric Vanderburg gives practical advice on fostering an organizational culture that promotes information security leading to more effective protection of the data, systems, and people necessary for success.

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