I am really cutting this close.  The CWSP test changes on January 1 and I just scheduled the test for December 21.  I am going out of town from the 24th to the 1st so this is really my only chance.  I must study very hard and pass it the first time.  I am feeling pretty good about the material right now but I have not taken any practice tests yet.  I am going to try that tonight. 

I am working on the midterm exam for the OS class today.  I am giving a review tomorrow and the test is Monday.  I also need to lecture on Windows XP and  Windows 2000. 

A co-worker wants a low end PC for internet use so I am fixing up a computer for him.  It needs to have a DVD drive in it and run Windows XP.  Those are the only requirements.  I am charging $100 for the machine and throwing in a 15" CRT if needed for free.  I can get them at Goodwill for less than $10 each.  That is how I am keeping my lab stocked at school.  Some are better than others and sometimes they break but it is ok. 

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