Should Cybersecurity be a Global Strategy?

Should cybersecurity be a global strategy?  This is an interesting question because cultures, environments, and regulatory environments differ around the world, and yet, a company’s mission remains the same.

For the global strategy

A global strategy is a strategic option for entering a foreign country.  In a global strategy, the same approach is used in each country in which the company does business.  This does not mean that operations or sales tactics are the same from country to country.  The type of strategy used in each country would be something like primarily using automation in security and mining user information.  How that is accomplished may differ from country to country.

Global strategies let managers sustain a companywide centralized policy.  Companies that use these strategies can share technology, business processes, and competencies between diverse locations easily.  Also, companies that utilize global strategies will market their products or services in each country where there is enough demand to support their product or service.

Against the global strategy

A disadvantage of utilizing this strategy is that the company cannot respond individually to changes in a nation’s environment with a companywide change in policy and may become less secure than those who can adapt within those environments.

Alternately, a company can pursue a multi-country strategy.  This strategy creates an approach specific to the environment of each nation.  Multi-country strategies allow companies to react better to individual changes in a nation’s environment to capitalize on the opportunities or prepare for threats that may exist there.

A multi-country strategy is used when there are differences in the different nations in which they operate to such an extent that being close to the various markets is the key to success.  The disadvantages of this strategy are that it is harder to use core competencies in all countries and it is hard to keep each country heading in the same direction.

Which strategy do you use in cybersecurity?

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