Down with the SPAM King

Alan Ralsky, the "SPAM King" and one of the largest spammers in the world, was jailed by the Department of Justice last month. The Detroit News said the following:
"Warrants unsealed last week revealed that agents
in September seized computers, laptops, financial records and disks
from the 8,000-square-foot home of Alan M. Ralsky. The $750,000 West
Bloomfield mini-mansion was built off profits from the 100 million
electronic offers for everything from Botox to mortgages that Ralsky
sends every day."  

It is rumored that he will rat out many other spammers and hackers as well. 80% of the SPAM you receive is sent from large spammers such as Alan Ralsky. Alan Ralsky has been spamming since 1997. Ralsky sent out millions of messages per year and also hosted many other spammers. He began using dial-up accounts and then moved to setting up dummy ISPs. He bought his own IP space from ARIN and spammed using an address from his address space until many complaints would cause him to switch to a new address in the space. Later, he moved his operations to China to attempt to avoid US authorities. He hosted websites on the same dial-up connections he
used to send SPAM. He then used an auto-updating DNS server to point
to a new IP address whenever one of the DUN’s cut him off.
Ralsky also hosted quite a bit of the spammed website
content on servers in the US, He used a VPN connection to route the
traffic from the Chinese IP’s back to his systems in the US.

Here is an interview about it with the hacker "Memehacker".

3 thoughts on “Down with the SPAM King

  1. I am glad that SPAM is somewhat easy to control if you put your own practices into effect. It is also nice that IPS can track them and block them before getting to you as well.

    I miss the old chain letter emails though 🙂

    • I used to get those old chain letters all the time. I am not sure who actually believed them and who just wanted to pass it on for fun but it got annoying for those of us who saw them all the time.

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