Essential Computer Security at the Untangled Conference

I welcome you to join me on November 8 at Grace Baptist Church of Westlake for the Untangled Conference.  I will be presenting on security awareness to provide helpful tips and tricks to keep your computer and church network secure.


December 1 Update: Chris Brown took a photo of the Untangled Conference group which I have attached below:


14 thoughts on “Essential Computer Security at the Untangled Conference

  1. Great conference! Many thanks Eric Vanderburg. Is there any conference which focuses on security architecture and design ?

    1. Most of the events I present at are in the United States but you could attend a webinar. Please subscribe to the mailing list and I will let you know of the next one.

  2. I wanna applaud for your effort and wanna appreciate your work. i acknowledge the help which your summit has provided me.

  3. Nice one. Very good presentation. Mr Eric is also very good with public speaking, and knows this subject very well.

  4. Interesting subject, I didn’t understand a lot about the computer security, but nonetheless it was fun/scarey to listen to what can be done. Job well done.

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