FashionLens – A virtual dressing room for Microsoft HoloLens

You probably remember Microsoft’s announcement for their augmented reality or mixed reality hardware called HoloLens which occurred around the announcement of Windows 10.  For those of you who did not see their popular promotional video, see it on their website.

Microsoft has requested ideas for uses of their HoloLens hardware so I submitted an idea called FashionLens which I am also posting here on my blog.

Try on clothing virtually!

There would be two modes to this functionality. First the program needs to get detailed body measurements and then you could choose products from participating stores and try them on yourself with holoLens and see it from your own point of view.

The second mode I would call “mirror mode”. Here, the user would choose to create a mannequin or avatar of themselves and the clothes would be placed on the personal avatar. The user could walk around the avatar and look at it from different angles or command the avatar to sit down or position it in different poses my moving it around with their hands.

There are a number of features that would be common to both modes. Users would be able to adjust how the garment hangs on themselves, tuck shirts or blouses in, wear pants at their preferred level on their hips, or leave buttons undone. Users would also be able to try items out with those from their own wardrobe. Speaking of the wardrobe, users would be able to scan the barcode on their own clothing or search through a database to add clothing to their wardrobe so that they can mix and match new items with those they already own.

Users would also be able to take pictures of themselves in the virtual clothing that could then be submitted to participating stores to be potentially included with product information or they could easily share the pictures on social media to receive feedback from others before making a purchase.

So what do you think?  Check out other ideas at Microsoft’s Hololens site or vote for this idea here:


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