ISO Recorder, MagicDisk and CD Burner XP Pro

I am always on the lookout for new programs that can solve my problems for free.  My copy of Nero is old and I want to upgrade but I do not want to buy a new copy.  I do not want to rip it off.  I want to find a legal solution.  I turned to freeware/open source programs for my solution.  I was also in need of a new ISO image making program because Nero did that for me as well.  Here are the programs I found.
1.┬á ISO Recorder V2 – This program is wonderful.┬á Once installed, you can right click on a CD drive in My Computer and select “Create Image from CD” and it will create an ISO for you.
2.┬á MagicDisk – This program works well with ISO Recorder.┬á This program creates virtual drives that you can load images into.┬á I used to use Alcohol 120 for this but why pay for a program if you can get it free.┬á MagicDisk sits in the system tray.┬á Simply right click on it and select Virtual CD-Rom and then mount.┬á Once you select an ISO, it will appear as the CD-Rom on your machine.┬á You will never have to hunt for that CD again with this program and you will not have to wear down commonly used CDs either.
3.┬á CD Burner XP Pro – This program is a free burner to replace Nero.

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    • Thanks John. FYI: I use Virtual Clone Drive now instead of MagicDisk because MagicDisk had some incompatibilities with Windows 8.

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