ISO Recorder, MagicDisk and CD Burner XP Pro

I am always on the lookout for new programs that can solve my problems for free.  My copy of Nero is old and I want to upgrade but I do not want to buy a new copy.  I do not want to rip it off either.  I want to find a legal solution.
I turned to freeware/open source programs for my solution.  I was also in need of a new ISO image making program because Nero did that for me as well.  Here are the programs I found.
1.  ISO Recorder V2 – This program is wonderful.  Once installed, you can right click on a CD drive in My Computer and select “Create Image from CD” and it will create an ISO for you.
2.  MagicDisk – This program works well with ISO Recorder.  This program creates virtual drives that you can load images into.  I used to use Alcohol 120 for this but why pay for a program if you can get it free.  MagicDisk sits in the system tray.  Simply right click on it and select Virtual CD-Rom and then mount.  Once you select an ISO, it will appear as the CD-Rom on your machine.  You will never have to hunt for that CD again with this program and you will not have to wear down commonly used CDs either.
3.  CD Burner XP Pro – This program is a free burner to replace Nero.

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    1. Thanks John. FYI: I use Virtual Clone Drive now instead of MagicDisk because MagicDisk had some incompatibilities with Windows 8.

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