FTP server configuration in Windows 2000 and Windows XP

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is an easy way to share files.  For those of you with Windows 2000 or Windows XP, setting up an FTP server is actually pretty easy.  Here are some steps to help you set one up on your computer.  By the way, if you are using Windows 95/98, there is a completely different method that is not covered here.

  1. Got to Add Remove Programs
  2. Click on the Add remove Windows Components tab
  3. Click Internet Information Services and then details
  4. Check File Transfer Protocol. Windows will also check two other items when File Transfer Protocol is checked.  Leave these checked.
  5. Click ok and then next
  6. Insert your Windows XP CD when prompted and then click finish
  7. Go to Start –> Control Panel –> Administrative Tools –> Internet Information Services
  8. Click on all plus signs and then right click on “default FTP site” and go to “rename” and give it a new name.
  9. Right click on the site you just named and go to properties
  10. Click on the home directory tab
  11. Click on the browse button next to the local path box and navigate to the first folder you want to share. This will share that folder and all folders underneath it.
  12. Click on the security accounts tab and check allow anonymous connections or give the share a password.

When you have completed this, your first share will be complete.  Some people may want to make a number of different shares for different types of files (movies, games, music, ect…)  Here is how you set up additional shares.

  1. Right click on the site you named and click “new” and then click “virtual directory”
  2. Click next on the wizard screen
  3. Give a name to the share (This will be the name people will use to access the share)
  4. Browse for the folder you want to share.
  5. Click next and then click finish.

Now that you have your site up, you will want to post it on the forums so that others can access it.  Here is how you find out what the address is for your server.

  1. Click start –> run and then type “cmd”
  2. A black box will appear. Type “ipconfig” and press enter
  3. Copy down the number listed after IP Address

Your FTP server address will be ftp:// and then the IP Address you just found.

If you have shared additional folders the addresses to those folders will be ftp://IP Address/Folder Name

For example.  If my IP Address is then my FTP address will be  If I have another share called crap, the address for that will be

I hope this helps.  Sorry, I do not have a Windows 95/98 version.  Those of you using 95 or 98 will have to use Personal Web Server or another FTP server program to set up your server.  There are guides for setting up both of these on the web if you look.

Please use this thread for posting questions on setting up your server and the other FTP thread for posting links to your servers.  Have fun downloading and sharing!

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  1. Great, thanks! I have used Total Commander until now, but Explorer seems much simpler.

    And I am using automated DOS FTP batch sessions generated from programs, since they are flexible and easy to implement.

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