Gas Station Terrorists

The Patriot Act allows the government to classify unruly activity by
passengers on airlines as acts of terrorism. Some individuals have
been treated overly harsh because of this. For example, the following
article describes a woman, Tamera Freeman, who was charged with a
federal felony because she cursed at a flight attendant and threw her
tomato juice on the floor.

As I was at the gas station I thought about the potential dangers we
have all been warned about such as smoking at the gas station, talking
on a cell phone, and filling your car while the vehicle is running.
These acts could all cause a massive explosion resulting in loss of
life. What if the government, realizing this potential avenue for
terrorism, decided to treat gas station violators as terrorists…..

A man pulls into the gas station and begins to fill his car with gas.
As the meter slowly climbs he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a
box of cigarettes and a lighter. He lights up and takes his first
puff. Before he can begin to enjoy the cigarette a bucket of cold
water is thrown on him and he is tackled to the ground. Rough hands
pull him up and drag him to the back of the gas station where he is
beaten and then chained to the bathroom urinal until federal agents
can arrive. In the mean time his car is impounded.

Imagine another scenario. A woman pulls into the gas station. Her
kids are bouncing around in the back seat and you can hear their
playful voices as she steps out of the vehicle. Her phone rings as
she begins to fill the car. "Hello?" she says as she answers. "Oh
yes, I are on my way home. I just stopped at the gas station.
We’ll be home soo…" She is cut off mid-sentence as a bullet tears
through the phone sending fragments into her ear and shoulder. The
man with the gun commands her to get on the ground. In her panic she
looks to her children as they begin to scream. Another man vaults
over the hood of the car and sprays pepper spray in her eyes while
pushing her to the ground. She is handcuffed and led away. Agents
arrive later to collect evidence from the scene and take custody of
the woman. A social worker begins speaking with her children.

Sound plausible?

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