Gmail Improvements

In recent months I have submitted a variety of suggestions for
improvement to the gmail system. I figured I would blog about those
suggestions to see if others would benefit from them as well.

1. I find myself using gmail for everything. The gmail search
features are wonderful but I can only search back to the point when I
first opened the account a few years ago. I have many archived
messages that I have received over the years at other accounts that I
would love to import into gmail so that they could be searched as
well. Mine are stored as Outlook .pst files. I suggested that gmail
support a variety of message import methods so that others could truly
migrate over to gmail without ever having to rely on another current
or previous email account.

2. Security is more important than ever and it is a facination of
mine. It has been possible for quite some time for users to digitally
sign the emails that they send. I suggest that Google set up a
certificate server and distribute digital certificates to gmail
account holders who present information to prove their identity. The
process would be optional. These digital certificates could be used
to sign emails and Google Talk chat sessions so that the other user is
assured that they are talking with the person they think they are
talking with. Filters could also be set up in gmail to allow
digitally signed messages or treat unsigned messages with heavier
security measures. Since Google is so large and they have many gmail
users, it would be very feasible for them to set up their certificate

3. Gmail allows the use of groups in sending messages. Many other
providers have offered this in the past but I was happy to see the
feature in one of the last few updates from gmail. One thing annoys
me about it though. I would like to filter messages and apply labels
based on group membership but I cannot. I am forced to create filters
individually for each email account. This is time consuming and also
it requires me to edit my filters if membership in a group changes. I
suggested that gmail allow groups to be used in filters as well as

One thought on “Gmail Improvements

  1. I have been using Google’s Gmail for years now and am very happy with the updates they send out of the last few years. These are a little old, but it does show how Google was looking ahead at the use of webmail for users and businesses.

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