Gmail: Let there be ads

I was using Gmail the other day and I noticed that the ads kicked in. I did not have ads on my account for a long time. They are not annoying or anything. They sit on the right side of the screen and they are related to the content of your emails. This caused some controversy when Google first said they would target ads based on email content because people did not want their messages scanned. It does not bother me. Email is all sent in plain text anyway unless you use PGP or some other encryption. I actually clicked on one of the advertising links too. It was not an accident. I noticed the ads and then one of them was for information on the Shinkansen so I went there. I was just thinking of looking for more information on the trains and this time I did not even have to search for it. I doubt I will be “using” the ads often but at least they are relevant and not disturbing. Yahoo’s ads are terrible and Hotmail’s are flashy. These are just text.

2 thoughts on “Gmail: Let there be ads

  1. Seeing how non-intrusive the ads have become is totally fine with me. Using a FREE web mail service like Gmail should be expected to have a couple ads here and there. Google does provide one of the best services , so why not get a little back from it?

    • I have been using Gmail for so many years now and I love it. They do an excellent job of filtering spam and their interface is very easy to navigate. I wish I could customize the tabs but I guess that is what categories are for.

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