In-wall Transducers that Turn Your Walls into Musical Instruments

Spoiler alert for all my regular cybersecurity readers: this is a post about audio, not security.  Check back in a week or so for my next cybersecurity post. 
Home theater enthusiasts check this out! The Sonance IS4 in-wall speakers and its companions in the Sonance invisible series act as transducers so they are designed to be placed behind your drywall. They are completely invisible to the eye but not to the ear.
I imagine that correct installation plays a significant part in getting the most out of such a speaker.  It would have to be done right the first time because there are no second chances.  Unlike regular speakers, you won’t be able to try these speakers in different positions to achieve the best sound so a professional installer with professional sound experience would be absolutely essential.
As many of you know, I am into both sound and aesthetics so this concept is right up my alley. I currently have my front speakers hidden behind an acoustically transparent projector screen, but the rest of my theater setup uses speakers mounted on the walls.  This concept is fresh and exciting. 
The price point on these, however, is quite high.  Also, sound quality is sacrificed for aesthetics in these speakers and that, sadly, is not a compromise I would take lightly.  I could never choose these for my theater setup but I do find the technology fascinating and I hope to see this technology become more mainstream.  
Let me know if any of you will be adding this to your Christmas list.  I would love to come over and hear them sometime.
The picture below shows the technology.

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