Inaudable Ringtones – The security of sound

I came across an interesting article the other day.┬á It was on a new set of cell phone ringtones that only kids can hear.┬á Apparently, when you grow older you ears change and you cannot hear sounds in a specific frequency range.┬á They encoded an mp3 sound in this range and the kids are using it and others as ringtones for the cell phones so that they can hear when they go off in class but the teacher does not.┬á The technology was created as a teenager repellant and now the teens are using it against us.┬á Isn’t that funny?┬á I played the mp3 for my class and some co-workers and the only person who could hear it was Ann, the front receptionist.┬á Lisa tried it at home and her daughter, Liz, could hear it as well.

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