Japanese Broadband Internet 100Mbps

13 years ago
Eric Vanderburg

I went to the Internet connection meeting last night. It was a long meeting. Here is what is going to happen. NTT (Nihon Telephone and Telegraph) will be installing the connections this month and I might be able to get access by the end of the month. We have to rent the modem and they have to come and check out the PC because they will only make a contract with a person who has a computer that was manufactured by a company that has a service center in Japan. It will be rather expensive. It will be about $60/month but the first month will be free. My speed will be 100Mbps over ADSL. That is really fast for those of you who don’t know.  Internet speeds in the United States are only a few Mbps over cable and less than 1Mbps over ADSL.

That’s the good news. So anyway, I hope to be online by the end of the month or the beginning of next month.