Kinetic Recall – Where did this knowledge come from?

Have you ever completely forgotten how to do something until you just started?┬á As a technology professional I find that it happens a lot.┬á I call it Kinetic Recall.┬á Let me start with some examples.┬á You go to the phone to call your best friend but you can’t seem to remember his or her number.┬á As you place your hand on the numbers your fingers seem to remember the sequence better than your mind.┬á As your fingers dial the number it comes back to you.┬á This kinetic recall happens when internalized actions have been habitually reinforced to a level where you can perform them on autopilot but it can be impossible to┬áverbalize or conceptualize it without first performing the action.┬á┬áSome other situations where kinetic recall comes into play would include driving to a familiar location, performing routine tasks on the computer, and tying a tie.
Have you ever thought about this before?  If so, let me know as I find it facinating.

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