Kobata to the Rescue: No more conflicts with the Internet install and the Shinkansen

I talked to Kobata and he was able to get the NTT installers to come a little earlier. I got out of work at 1:00 and I am going to head back to the apartment soon. I should be able to barely make it in time. This should allow enough time for me to get to Shin Osaka station in time to catch the Shinkansen.

I can catch one of two trains to Okayama. One is named Nozomi. That is the same name as a friend of mine. I am going to give Mayumi a call when I get to Shin Osaka so she will know when to pick me up at the Okayama station. After today, I will probably not update the blog till Sunday night because I am not sure if I will use the Internet where I am staying in Okayama.

NTT will only provide Internet access to computers whose manufacturer has a service center in Japan. It was a good thing that I brought both my Mac and PC because my PC does not have a service center here. NTT hooked up my Mac and then I figured I would configure the PC later. I am very glad that I bought the Macintosh and decided to bring it here because otherwise I would be without an Internet connection at all.

My DSL connection uses PPPoE (Point to Point over Ethernet) with proprietary software to connect to the Internet. Because of this, I was unable to get my PC hooked up directly.

Instead, I tried to share the connection by using a wireless network. I configured Internet sharing on the mac and then tried to connect using the PC. However, I am using the first version of Mac OSX and it does not integrate well with PCs. I could not get the PC to connect properly.

This is a problem because I was planning on communicating via voice and video with everyone back home. The MSN messenger for Mac does not support video and voice. I downloaded a version of Skype for Mac but it requires MacOS 10.3 and I am running the old version. I did find out that the new version of AIM supports video in both Windows XP and for apple iChat 2.1. I have to check my iChat version but I may be able to communicate that way. Still, there is one more problem. My Creative Webcam Notebook does not have drivers for MacOS so I will probably have to buy another camera that does have support.

Just so everyone knows, I am working on finding a solution to the problem. Hopefully I will be communicating easily soon after I get back.

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