A little bit of Culture contained in a Paperback

Heroes, legends, bizarre contraptions, and fantastic adventures await me within the pages of the books shelved on my dresser.  These fanciful tales are ready to be renewed at any time I wish.  The quiet rustle of pages is not heard while I am with my friends.  These moments are reserved for just my books and me.   Books define and contain the aspects of culture today, together with ideas from times long past or still to come.

I immerse myself in stories of fantasy and science fiction.  Fiction can never be truly predicted.  There are endless possibilities with infinite endings.  I do not predominantly enjoy definite conclusions.  I love to read long series of novels.  Once a character is introduced and developed, I cannot get enough of them.  Even when I read six or eight books about a character, I feel as if I have lost something when I reach the finale of the story.  A book is my space where I can progress through it at any pace I wish.

Not everyone has a fancy for books.  Even the people who read books are divided into groups.  Fiction and Non-Fiction divide the bulk of book lovers.  Within Fiction, there are other categories like fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, horror, and romance.  These distinctions separate book lovers into different cultural clusters.

Until recently, my brother was uninterested in reading.  He often laughed when he saw me absorbed in a book.  He used to say, “Those things put me to sleep!”  I understood that it was just something he was not interested in and I accepted it.  I am glad that he and I now have another thing to share and discuss.

My room back home has a wall of books where these adventures are stored for later use.  They are divided between the science fiction and the fantasy. There are a couple of lone Ann Rice books mixed in with a few books I have received as gifts over the years.  Just glancing at these books could explain a lot about me by what I read.  Sometimes I wonder if the books I read are actually an image of me or if the books themselves somehow shape me.

I have met people over the years that like to keep their books in perfect condition.  My books are marked with the lines of many hours of reading.  Some have stains on them from when I spilled something while reading.  There are also a few with pages ripped out of some.  I do not have a problem with this because I value the books for reading and not for show.   Both the people who read books and the authors of the books represent culture today.

People who fit into the culture of book reading are often soft-spoken and intelligent.  They are also a creative and imaginative cultural group.  They are eager to find knowledge, and they value other people’s opinions.   Book readers are really entertaining to be around if you will take the time to get to know them.

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Eric Vanderburg

Eric Vanderburg is an author, thought leader, and consultant. He serves as the Vice President of Cybersecurity at TCDI and Vice Chairman of the board at TechMin. He is best known for his insight on cybersecurity, privacy, data protection, and storage. Eric is a continual learner who has earned over 40 technology and security certifications. He has a strong desire to share technology insights with the community. Eric is the author of several books and he frequently writes articles for magazines, journals, and other publications.

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