Living without Keitai (Cell Phone)

13 years ago
Eric Vanderburg

Did I ever mention how expensive cell phones are here, or Keitai as the Japanese call them?

I had this thought in the back of my mind that I would get a cell phone and then use it back in the United States also. The cell phones here are years ahead of anythings we have in the USA. Keitai have dictionaries, great email service, maps and directions, high-quality cameras, advanced messaging capabilities, and really large LCD screens.

Completely different companies provide keitai in Japan such as Docomo and Vodafone.

The disadvantage is that most people pay between $50 -$60 per month for keitai service and then pay for minutes on top of that.  Also, to get a keitai, you have to sign up for a year. In the United States, I pay $10 a month and I don’t pay for minutes.  I do have a contract though.