Apple Mac Mini

Apple Mac Mini

I bought an Apple Mac Mini a few weeks ago. I have had my eyes on one for quite some time. I love it that they are so small. I have it hooked up to my 23″ Apple Cinema display. I found out soon after I purchased it that it really needs RAM. I got one of the new Intel machines.  Some of the software I use has not yet been optimized for the Intel core so it runs in emulation mode. This slows some programs down.  One program specifically, Firefox,
does not yet have an Intel version. They do have an Intel beta that I hear is not too bad.
Apple Mac Mini

I bought 2GB of RAM for it but it did not work in the machine. I had to send the RAM back and I am still waiting for replacement sticks to
arrive. The machine runs a little slow with only 512MB of RAM in it.  I was disappointed that the new Intel Mac Mini uses shared video
memory. The old G4 Mac Mini models did not use shared memory. This reduces my main memory and I just wonder how good it really is. Apple
says it is great because the system memory is DDR2 running at 667MHz.  I have not had any problems with it but I haven’t really played any
games or anything on it.

I had to get one of those white keyboards to go with the mac mini because they look sweet. I also wanted to have the special mac keys.  I was going to sell my G4 cube to Richard but he did not buy it so I guess I really did not need a new keyboard. I had a Mac keyboard with the G4 cube. Oh well. The cube still runs fine and it has Mac OSX Tiger on it so I will use it someday or find someone who wants to buy it.

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