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Microsoft Acquires Lionhead Studios

This is a quote from Penny-Arcade about Microsoft’s recent acquisition. “I would sooner acquire crabs, but Microsoft has decided to acquire Lionhead – adding their uniqueness to its own. “

Peter Molyneux of Lionhead Studios, stated that he is absolutely thrilled to have been absorbed into the Microsoft collective.  In his statement, Molyneux claims,

“We had other options than Microsoft, but they are the perfect partner for us. We share the same vision for the future of games.”

However, we don’t really know what this vision is that the two companies share.  I hope that the result will be some better games than Black & White, the parenting game for those with a god complex.

Molyneux also compared the EA acquisition of Bullfrog with Microsoft’s acquisition of Lionhead, claiming that Microsoft will be happy to keep Lionhead at its current size, whereas EA quickly bloated Bullfrog like its namesake being inflated by a small child’s bicycle pump.

Will the acquisition mean that Lionhead finally manages to put together a decent game? Probably not, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

Here is the comic strip Penny Arcade did on the acquisition.

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