1. The use of ALL CAPS in email is like shouting
  2. Refrain from using multiple question marks and exclamation points consecutively.
  3. Watch your tone. Email is written, not verbal communication.
  4. Check your spelling. Everyone deserves your best effort to make sure they have an easy to read email from you and it only takes a little more time to change gr8 to great or i luv u to I love you.
  5. Do not forward jokes and chain letters unless you are sure the recipient wants them.
  6. Quote back only what is relevant in a response.
  7. When sending email to multiple people, please use the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) function so that email addresses are kept private. Never give out personal contact information of others without their specific permission to do so.
  8. Don’t send unsolicited file attachments.
  9. Use a descriptive Subject line.
  10. Do not write anything you would not be comfortable saying face-to-face.
  11. Don’t send unsolicited links or advertisements.
  12. Personalize your email
  13. Make an effort to search a web site for
    information before asking on a newsgroup, message board, forum, or through email.
  14. Don’t believe every cyber myth or security / virus
    “alert” sent to you. Verify it before believing or forwarding it to anyone else.
  15. Keep smilies to a minimum. ; -)
  16. Use a non-offensive email address and display name. Try your name instead of “I shot your dad” or some comic book hero.
  17. When downloading, try to upload at least as much as you download.

2 thoughts on “Netiquette

  1. 18.  Use easy to read fonts in IM with a contrasting background.  No navy blue on black please.  Amendment to 4:  Include grammar as well. 

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