Odd form of Communication

I wanted to comment on an odd form of communication.┬á I looked at the writing inside the bathroom stall today and thought it funny how someone could write something and then another would comment.┬á The first person will most likely never read the comments written to their message and the same applies to anyone who replies.┬á Still, a one-way imprint of the thoughts of various bathroom users gets scrawled during the pursuit of bowel cleansing.┬á It is not a dialog because that involves two parties communicating back and forth but it is not simply a monologue either because that would involve one party communicating the entire time to others.┬á It is a collection of monologues or statements that meander around a central topic and quite interesting to think about (at least while residing in the stall)…

2 thoughts on “Odd form of Communication

  1. This is certainly a good way of looking at writing on a bathroom wall. Like, what is the first person thinking will happen? Do THEY assume they are going to trigger the kind of thoughts that you had, or are they really trying to convey a message of importance to them? If that is the case, wouldn’t it only be important if they KNOW another person is reading it?

    • My wife says that ladies do not write on the bathroom wall as much as guys do. I guess the caveman instinct of cave paintings remains stronger in men.

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