Open Office 2.0

Open Office 2.0 Review

It has been a while since I last tried Open Office. I have used it in the past on both my PC and Mac. I really like Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac and do not plan on changing there but I may be open to a change on my PC.  I am going to compare it to the version of Office 2003 on my PC to see how it stands.

Open Office Suite

The Open Office suite is composed of these programs.
  • Writer (similar to Word)
  • Calc (similar to Excel)
  • Impress (similar to Powerpoint)
  • Base (similar to Access)
  • Draw (similar to Visio)
  • Math, an equation editor


I plan to try it for about a month beside Microsoft Office 2003. If I am satisfied with it, I will convert completely on my PC machines. It will take a little more for me to convert on my Macs. The one thing it is missing is an email client but Thunderbird is a good client for those who do not like Outlook. I still prefer Outlook to Thunderbird but I would not purchase the entire Office suite for one product.  Office 12 is on the horizon. If it turns out to be too expensive for me I want to have other alternatives in mind. Open Office is a free download and it is relatively small too. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Here is a screenshot of Open Office Writer:

Here is a screenshot of Open Office Calc:

Here is a screenshot of Open Office Impress:

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