Panasonic Advanced Technology

I visited the Matsushita (Panasonic) technology center in Osaka today with some friends.  At Matsushita, I got to see a number of new technologies that are either my right now or will soon be released.

Home automation

Quite a few of them work with a 3g cell phone. One example is their intercom system. A person rings the bell at your house and if you do not answer it in a certain amount of time, your phone rings and you can see and hear the person you are talking to. You can also let them into the house if you want to.

Next generation optical media

They also showed is some new optical disk burners using blue lasers. These might replace our current DVD to support greater storage capacity and higher definition video.  Panasonic says that their blue laser technology will eventually hold up to 500GB on a single disk.  They are the same size as a DVD, 120 mm in diameter and 1.2 mm thick.

Audio / Video Technology

We saw advanced appliances with network connections and a TV that could interface with everything. You could see the video from various cameras or interface with wireless accessories like karaoke microphones or wireless surround sound. They had a 3d TV but you had to use glasses for it to work.

Bathroom Technology

Naturally, there was a super toilet there which can read body temperature, weight, and body fat as well as do all the things Japanese toilets do now. I was not allowed to take pictures but here is a picture of me in the lobby.

Vanderburg at Panasonic

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