Retrieving a tape from a dead Dell PowerVault 124T

The power supply and control panel for this Dell PowerVault 124T tape autoloader failed with a tape in the drive.  The tape was spooled around the read heads because the unit shut down when the hardware failed and it was reading a tape at the time.  This video shows how to retrieve the tape if you encounter a similar situation.

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Eric Vanderburg

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  1. This is also something that I think others do not think about. When tossing away a computer with a full hard drive, is it just as important to get the drive out and destroy it? Can any sensitive information be taken should a person happen upon the computer after I toss it out?

    1. Certainly. I pulled a computer from someone’s driveway once and fired it up to a working operating system. I was surprised that they would leave it that way. We wiped the drive for them and then disassembled the machine for parts.

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