Search Activity Correlation

11 years ago
Eric Vanderburg
I looked at my Google search history today.  Google tracks each search that you make when logged in with your Google account and it can be a handy way to go back to previous searches, but it is much more powerful than that.
The Google search history can be found when you are logged into your Google account.  Simply click the history tab at the top and view the previous searches you have issued.  It really gets interesting when you look at the metrics that Google is collecting on your search habits.
I wondered if my search history is directly correlated with my productivity.  If so, my most productive times are at 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM with the surrounding times slightly less productive.  I have frequently said that I gear up from Monday and peak at Thursday but then start to die down on Friday.  The search activity shows that, for the most part, this is true except that I do a little bit more searching on Mondays than I do on Tuesdays.
If this little bit of information can give me insight on my productivity habits, how much more can it offer others and how much more valuable could it be when combined with other metrics and data on how I operate on a day to day basis.  I am eager to learn more about my habits and how to be more productive.  Some of my students are reviewing their search history and we are going to do an in-class exercise to examine our own online habits.  I also plan to look at our technology use and compare it to the time we spend away from technology because sometimes you are most effective when you are not using or distracted by technology.
Search Activity