Security Spending and ROI

I read an article by Bruce Schneier called Security ROI in CSO

Here is an excerpt from it:

"Assume that all the new airport security measures increase the
waiting time at airports by — and I’m making this up — 30 minutes
per passenger. There were 760 million passenger boardings in the
United States in 2007. This means that the extra waiting time at
airports has cost us a collective 43,000 years of extra waiting time.
Assume a 70-year life expectancy, and the increased waiting time has
"killed" 620 people per year — 930 if you calculate the numbers based
on 16 hours of awake time per day. So the question is: If I did away
with increased airport security, would the result be more people dead
from terrorism or fewer?"

I thought, what an interesting way of looking at this. Now take this
creative tidbit with the knowledge that his point in the article is
that the ROI calculations performed by companies to validate security
products they sell are bogus and highly biased. Read the entire
article. I recommend it.

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