Server 2003 on a Pentium Pro

A while back I received a few old servers to use in my classroom.  The oldest one was a Pentium Pro.  The Pentium Pro is an x86 processor produced in between the Pentium and the Pentium II.  It ran at 150 or 200MHz and had a front side bus of 60 or 66MHz.


My plan was to try to install Windows Server 2003 on the machine.  The minimum specifications for Server 2003 state that it can run on a processor of at least 133MHz, Pentium Pro or newer.  However, 550MHz is recommended.  It also requires at least 128MB of RAM.  This machine has 32 SIMMs, each with 32MB of RAM for a total of 1GB.  I know these specs are ridiculously horrible, but that is part of the fun.

I am pleased to announce that I successfully installed Windows Server 2003 on the machine and it has been running stable for about 3 weeks now.  I did a number of performance tweaks on it and now it is not running that badly.  What a fun experiment.

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