Sitting around the table just got more dangerous

In a world where many are battling corruption, Hasbro is doing the opposite.  The classic Monopoly game where players attempt to be a real estate tycoon through savvy purchases and dynamite trades is replaced with one that rewards players for taking a little extra from the pot and backstabbing their friends in their quest to dominate the board.

I find this concerning.  Games are a valuable teaching tool.  They allow people to simulate behaviors on a small scale.  As they try strategies around the game table, the response of their family and friends has a socializing effect, resulting in transmission of certain values.  Of course, competition is the name of the game, and everyone realizes that the game table has far more competition than real life.  That is why some new games are cooperative games instead.

The new Monopoly Cheater’s Edition teaches kids that it is acceptable to lie, steal, and cheat, as long as you do not get caught.  However, that mindset will be the destruction of many healthy relationships and result in far too many poor choices.  I welcome a game of monopoly with anyone.  Bring the Star Wars, Star Trek, Cleveland, or any other favorite edition except for this one.  In my opinion, the cheater’s edition is best left on the shelf.

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